Cosmetic Dentistry…let’s chat about it.

Many of our patients are unaware that we offer cosmetic dentistry. While Dr. Burk is conservative in his approach to dental care, he is also an incredible cosmetic dentist. He has always approached cosmetic dentistry as a patient requested service, rather than a dentist recommended one, and will continue to do so. At the urging of our patient, we thought we should highlight this service.

Here is their story: Recently, our patient had their upper and lower “social smile” teeth cosmetically improved with all ceramic crowns. They could not be happier! They used to hide their smile behind their hand and even cover their mouth when speaking, and now they have a new level of confidence. We could not be more excited for them! Their only regret…not getting it done sooner.

Many people worry about the time, expense, and process of cosmetic dentistry. Here, we will outline how the process works. At your appointment, Dr. Burk will discuss your options and how to accomplish the results you want. The next visit would be to consult with the dental lab professional. This will be done in our office and you will be a part of the process. Dr. Burk, the lab professional and you will evaluate your smile and determine what shade or spacing issues you’d like to correct.  Immediately following the in-office lab consultation the procedure will begin (this will most likely take most of the morning if you are crowning several teeth). You will leave with temporary crown(s). Then, to make certain you are happy with the shade and shape of your crowns, you will meet with the dental lab at their location (off of Shoal Creek in Austin). A few weeks later, the temporary crown(s) will be removed and your new crowns will be inserted (this usually takes about an hour). Finally, you show off that beautiful smile!

So, what’s the cost? That’s not as easy to answer. It would depend on how many teeth are included in the treatment plan and what condition they are in. Many patients prefer to place the charge on their low interest account, like Care Credit. As with any cosmetic procedure, your insurance will not usually cover any expense. However, the results are priceless!