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Seeing White?

MI Paste Treatment to Remove White Spots
We are now offering a new treatment at Burk Family Dentistry. Many patients have teeth that erupt with white spots or develop white spots after orthodontic treatment (Figure 1). Previously these spots could only be treated with expensive cosmetic dentistry, like crowns or veneers. This new treatment is safe, effective, and affordable. While this is not a quick visit, it renders strong beautiful results that last (Figure 2).
MI Paste is made of Recaldent TM. This material offers bioavailable calcium and phosphate to help teeth remineralize, thus changing the structure of the tooth to match the rest of the surrounding enamel. We are able to achieve this through collaborative efforts of the patient and the practitioner. Normal treatment requires around 5 to 7, thirty minute in-office sessions and twice daily at home treatments. Sometimes this is done in conjunction with whitening as well. If you are interested in more information please contact us at or 512-989-0888.

White spots before MI Paste treatment.

 Figure 1 (White spots visible on front teeth) White spots before MI Paste treatment.

White spots resolved with MI Paste treatment.

Figure 2 White spots resolved with MI Paste treatment.